Best & Company Custom Toolkit featured in Elle Decor magazine

December 3, 2015

The Best & Company Custom Toolkit—featured in this month's issue of Elle Decor magazine—keeps all the tools you need for everyday home repairs organized in a heavyweight, compartmented canvas tote. Basic toolkits include a collection of 15 essential tools. Special orders accommodated. Place your order here.

Best & Company Custom Toolkit

The Best & Company Custom Toolkit was conceived of by white-glove general contracting and home renovation firm Best & Company NYC as an end of project gift for homeowners. They commissioned NYC-based design workshop Neue Atelier to design a sturdy, lightweight tote ready to be stocked with the basics for home maintenance, minor repairs, quick fixes, and simple decorating projects, like hanging curtains, clipping picture wire, tightening up a loose faucet, and even jotting down window dimensions, favorite paint colors, and shopping ideas.  Everything is kept in one place, in a practical, portable tote: No more rooting through cluttered closets and junk drawers chanting, “Where’s my hammer? Where’s the screwdriver? Where’s the tapemeasure…” It’s in the bag. 

Custom manufactured by Neue Atelier for Best & Company as part of a series of toolkits and caddies at various levels of luxury, this kit represents the pragmatist’s approach to home repair: A simple, sturdily constructed canvas tote with pockets and compartments for keeping everything organized and ready at hand with you need it. This starter kit contains 15 basics no home should be without, including: LED headlamp; pry bar; 10 oz hammer; gyroscopically controlled automatic screwdriver; 6 essential hand screwdrivers (flat and Philips head); 4 job-specific sets of pliers; an adjustable wrench; and a retracting 25-foot metal tape measure. It’s all in the bag, because a tool you can’t find is of no use to anyone… 

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